Ethereum is Go !

After reading Soros on the subject of undervalued stock, I was having a look at Ethereum around Christmas. Doom and gloom, Ether was 45% under it’s introduction price, hardly 200.000 dollars day trade. A lot of bashing on the forums & rumours that the developers ran out of funds. Ether being down to 85 cents, it was *the* investment opportunity of the year.

Yesterday (6 weeks later) we saw 30 million dollars daytrade and today Ether hit the $5,00 mark, 400% up since Christmas.

ethereum price 5 dollars

bittrex : ethereum price hits 5 dollars

Who knows how crypto goes ? A tentative estimate on my part puts Ether at 30 dollars per september. The europeans are buying with fiat, accounting for 10% of daytrade, and the Chinese have not opted in yet. Trade on Chinese exchanges accounts for maybe 2% of total trade.

With 30 million dollars daytrade, Ethereum is starting to approach Bitcoin in volume, Bitcoin is normally at 45 to 60 million daytrade.

Even at 4 or 5 dollars I’d still say it is a safe buy.

Don’t invest money you cannot afford to loose. Don’t take my word for it. Stay poor.


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Dave Mustaine For President

My favorite moment, every 4 years :

Dave Mustaine For President !


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Minister Juust (call me Rev)

How did I become a Minister ? That started out as a joke on alt.flame.jesus-christ, a flaming newsgroup where christers drop by to become martyrs of lord jesus and get crucified in Flames.

Someone found out you can get ordained at the Universal Life Church, online,

The Universal Life Church (ULC) is the only denomination worldwide that opens its doors to all people. We welcome all who feel called to ministry to become ordained ministers by completing our free online ordination. This ordination is completely free and legal, and grants you all the rights and privileges afforded to an ordained minister.

This includes the ability to perform legal wedding ceremonies, and call yourself a minister, rabbi, priest or pastor. Millions of people have become legally ordained ministers through the Universal Life Church all over the world.

so most of us got ordained as Minister. At first I thought it was a joke, then it found out it is actually legal. So that is how I became a Minister.

Truly, verily, the Lord works in mysterious ways.



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