Programmeable money. For a business economist with a programming habit, that is Valhalla.

I had a look at Bitcoin in 2011, and had already downloaded a wallet, but I never got around to mining, because I was busy painting and sailing. I regretted that once Bitcoin took off.

In 2014, I was working as bookkeeper, and my colleague clicked a bad link and our server got infested with ransomware. You had to pay 300 dollars in Bitcoin for the key. I had a look at it, figured they could be trusted, so I got some Bitcoin and paid the ransom. We got the key, and it worked.

There was some Bitcoin left, and I decided to dig into the crypto scene.

I discovered the exchanges, with their API’s, and I absolutely loved it. The first few trades I made were all succesful, I was making good money.

But then the market became bearish for a long time, and I had basically forgotten about it. I had some mining-contracts running with ETH and BTC, that was just accumulating. And halfway 2017 the market was starting to boom, and I had a look at my coins, and voila, they were suddenly worth a lot of money. So I started trading again, skipping from coin to coin, whatever was most profitable, and by december 2017 I had 43.000% profit. For every dollar I put in crypto, I got 430 dollars back.

I am sure some people are very negative about crypto, it is still new, it is the Wild West of economy, but serious, I made good money off of it, so I am very enthousiast about crypto.

Now it seems a number of central banks also want to issue crypto-currencies, it is becoming mainstream.

Crypto is here to stay.




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