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Pump and dump and the good thing about bubbles

When I started out in the Coiniverse back in 2014, there was not much action. I made some money on exchange-coins, mining, anything. Beginners luck, often. I tinkered with the exchange apis, just having fun and scouting the scene. I stumbled on a shitcoin pump-and-dump group working on Bittrex. I

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Misss Bitcoin rocks !

This is our secret weapon : Madelon Vos aka Misss Bitcoin. Eat your heart out over there in China and America. Ariana Grande is something to be surpassed, we present Madelon Vos. She is the cream of the crop, the best of the generation. She's got the looks, and she's

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CRO, the crypto.com exchange coin, is interesting

I am a bit late to the party this time, CRO already had a nice bull run over the last month. Normally I am not wild about coins with a large maximum supply (in this case 100 billion, with 17 billion in the market place) because it takes a lot

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Herd immunity is not going to work

That was part the talk of the town last week, 'herd immunity'. Most countries hit by Corona opted for a lockdown to get the Corona outbreak under control, with 'harsh' measures with a massive impact on the economy. The dutch government chose a different approach, with some 'soft' constraining measures

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