what is the forum doing there

A forum out of nowhere, I noticed that no one posts on an empty forum. So I made a new plugin that gets Yahoo Answers and stuffs them in Simplepress. I grabbed a php yahoo answers class from HungryCoder’s blog and hacked a backend together, mapping yahoo categories with a keyword to a forum, retrieving topics and either use cron or direct publishing. It takes 2 minutes to have a forum full of free content. I am going to debug it. Maybe in spring I’ll put it on wordpress.org.

interesting : seo panel

That seems fun, an open source seo toolkit. It is a five second install multi-user package offering simple stats, but more interesting, a semi automated website directory submitter in a clean interface, and could be a valuable service offer if you run an seo community site.

It is PHP MVC and, what sparked my interest, it has a plugin interface.
I love that, It could be going somewhere over the next few years.