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gone sailing

Went sailing today, made a vid. I was at the Bontekoe race at Hoorn, it is one of the last races for historic sailing vessels in the season, barges and clippers. A number of these ships are well over 100 years old. I was just going to take a look

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juust wordpress xml-rpc

integrating ms office and wordpress with vba and xml-rpc

Okay. Yesterday I made some basic stuff to grab my WordPress blog data with visual basic for applicationsn cos I don't feel like programming php admin pages for tables. So let's make a basic xml-rpc crud plugin and put my agenda on vba remote control. The basic xml-rpc plugin is

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wordpress xml-rpc

more vba and wordpress xml rpc

Basic Example II, vba wordpress remote control, demo.ayHello is fun but quite useless, so let's proceed to wp.getUsersBlogs. I make a table in access (id, isAdmin, blogid, url, blogName, xmlrpc) and then query wordpress, parse the xml response in store it in the database. So here we go query WordPress

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