General-purpose server side scripting language that is especially suited for Web development (and Wordpress).

10 and one 10 us dollar bill

How to make a million per hour coding

Every coder dreams of the ‘million dollar baby’. Never having to work again. Just by coding in your notepad on your refurbished laptop on a 2.50/mo shared hosting account. No paid services with credit cards and subscriptions with payment providers and customer help desks, no halls with thousands of GPUS and Bitcoin mining machines to […]

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¤ is evil !

I ran into a funny problem last week with a url from the api of a payment gateway that contained …&currencyCode=….. I adopted an orphaned codebase and am reprogramming it as WordPress plugin and it contains some really weird bugs. The two previous coders that worked on the codebase opted for an iframe solution through

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curl trackbacks

I figure i’d blog a post on trackback linkbuilding. A trackback is … (post a few and you’ll get it). The trackback protocol isn’t that interesting, but the implementation of it by blog-platforms and cms’es makes it an excellent means for network development, because it uses a simple http-post. cUrl makes that easy). To post

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