Project Description


Programmeable money, that is just what the world has been waiting for ! Or at least, I was. The idea of programmeable money on a distribute hack-proof ledger, that is absolutely brilliant. The technology was sure to attract attention and investments. Apart from being a brilliant idea in terms of technology, people just love to collect and trade stuff so they love to collect and trade cryptocurrencies. Trade also attracts money. Cryptocurrencies attract a lot of money from investment and trade, and well, I was looking for ways to make money online :)


I had a look at Bitcoin in 2011, but I was too busy with sailing to get involved. Then in 2014, we had a ransomware attack on a server and I had to get some Bitcoin to pay the ransom. That was how I got involved in cryptocurrency. It is amazing ! I loved the exchanges. As business economist I liked the potential of cryptocurrencies to function as bearer bonds, and fractional shares, amongst others.

We got the ICO-frenzy in 2017, with the first bubble. I made more than a decent profit in 2017 on Ethereum and Bitcoin mainly. I like having a financial buffer. I read a lot of articles on ‘how to make money online’, but that all mostly requires a lot of work. As business economist I figure “let the money work for you”.


Cryptocurrency Services

Sometimes I tip a cryptocurrency, or some site. If you can make a profit off of it. Just do be aware, always keep the exit in sight, you can make a lot of money when you cash out at the right time. Keep the money moving.

Money money money !

Usually people become interested in investing and stock after 40. Same with me. I always worked for the money, now let the money work for me.

  • programmeable money is the future

  • learn from your mistakes, do due diligence, investigate.

  • only invest in liquid markets with a good exit.

  • read the works of George Soros

  • bubbles are a natural normal part of the economy


Trading 90%
ICO’s 0%
Making profit 80%


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