Pagerank sculpting session

In the series ‘how to manipulate google‘ : pagerank sculpting 101.

If I build a site about “LCD television” and want to promote three specific brands/offers, I want Google to index the product/offer-pages as most important in the site, and not the index page.

How do I achieve that ?

Some basic theory : I have two rings of pages, one with four pages (B), and one with three (A), linked over one page (AB),


pagerank sculpting 000

…after running that through a pagerank simulation, I get these results :

item importance
b 0.97
ab 1.60
a 0.73

…the linking page (AB) sheds its juice to two rings, 3/5 vs 2/5, and by doing so drains the smaller ring. Being the only page that gets links and juice from all other pages, the ab-page itself scores the highest ‘importance’ in the website.

Conclusion : adding some subpages in a smaller ring to a page makes it relatively more important in the website.

pagerank sculpting 001

item importance
home, prod1, prod3 0.97
prod2 1.60
sub 0.73

Let’s add some more subrings :

pagerank sculpting 002

item importance
I, Prod1 0.96
Prod2, 3 1.58
sub 0.72

pagerank sculpting 003

item importance
home 0.94
Prod 1,2,3 1.56
sub 0.72

The importance of the product pages seems to drop, but the ratio prod-n/home improves, so it works out better.


By not linking back to the index page from the subpages, the product pages end up with a higher rank within the site.

If I do link from each subpage (S) to the index page (home) (what wordpress themes generally do)

pagerank sculpting 004

…I get these results…

item importance
home 1.91
Prod 1,2,3 1.54
Sub 0.57

…the home page is indicated as most important in the site, which isn’t what I wanted, so I omit the home-link on subpages.

End of the sculpting session.

(note: this is, of course, all theoretic)

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