I am a bit late to the party this time, CRO already had a nice bull run over the last month. Normally I am not wild about coins with a large maximum supply (in this case 100 billion, with 17 billion in the market place) because it takes a lot of money to move the market, and you never make much money on them (like Ripple, that is endlessly stuck around 20 cents). But CRO does seem interesting. It has been bouncing between 5 and 10 cents over the past year, and is now at 10 cents.

The CRO coin gives you discounted trading fees at the crypto.com exchange, that is always good. That means the coin has ‘added value’, so it will always retain some value and never drop to 0. Apart from that, you can stake it (180 days minimum stake), for 20% APR on a yearly basis. Added to that, the CRO-coin is one of the central trading-pair coins of crypto.com. They offer BTC, USDT and CRO trading pairs. That is good, that means the coin has an extra use. At the moment the exchange is running a number of promotions where you can buy specific coins (ADA currently and in two weeks BTC – bitcoin) for half price. That makes the coin even more attractive.

In terms of risk, the resistance level seems sturdy at 5 cents, with the current price at 10 cents, that would imply a risk at a 50% loss, but once it starts to drop you can always evade into a stable coin like USDT. Otherwise it has a definite upside potential.

So I am in for now.

(This is not investment advice).


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