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crashing clippers

Hi, quick post. I haven't responded to some questions yet, sorry, and to be frank I doubt I'll be having much time to dig into scripting the coming months, we'll be sailing full-time till september. Sailing season started at the end of march and we've been cruising around the lakes

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Since me and my girlfriend got together, you know what her fantasy has always been? Petting an elephant while giving it peanuts! When we where in the bed room going our thing she asked if I could act like an elephant and she could feed me peanuts. Now she bought

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seo tips and tricks

Pagerank sculpting session

In the series 'how to manipulate google' : pagerank sculpting 101. If I build a site about "LCD television" and want to promote three specific brands/offers, I want Google to index the product/offer-pages as most important in the site, and not the index page. How do I achieve that ?

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