I was building a database in WordPress but their table interface lacks completely and I dont want to spend 200 hours developing a backend for a once-off project.

I always used MsAccess for RAD blueprinting and I reckon you can build a better more flexible interface in 20 hours. With XHR MsAccess has some better internet capabilities these days, a nice simple XMLHttp library.

You can use it for any http rest api in the cloud.

Ajax for Access :) here’s the most basic wordpress xml-rpc call, sayHello.

Sub PutXML()

txtURL = "http://www.blog.com/xmlrpc.php"
txtUserName = "user"
txtPassword = "pwd"
  Dim objSvrHTTP As ServerXMLHTTP
  Dim strT As String
  Set objSvrHTTP = New ServerXMLHTTP
  objSvrHTTP.Open "POST", txtURL, False, CStr(txtUserName), _
  objSvrHTTP.setRequestHeader "Accept", "application/xml"
  objSvrHTTP.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "application/xml"
  strT = ""
  strT = strT & ""
  strT = strT & "demo.sayHello"
  strT = strT & ""
  objSvrHTTP.send strT
  MsgBox objSvrHTTP.responseText

End Sub

For pre-Vista you need the MSXML 6.0 library from microsoft, in Vista I already had it installed so you can add a reference to the library and off you go.