I put the serp plugin in subversion, with bugs in it (blush…), so I put the plugin on a couple of wp installs this morning, checked errors and fixed the main bugs.

I set the table fields to TEXT, added $wpdb->prepare to prevent some sql errors, added an update routine with version check, fixed the select boxes and ajax/jquery routines to update the html tables and uploaded it as 1.0.3

I haven’t got a clue how subversion works, but I hope the plugin works better now.



Best things in life are free. Video camera’s ain’t. I had wanted one for a couple of years now but never got around to it, and as I was going to do some video editing anyway the next couple of weeks I finally got me a dvc. Now i can produce videos !

This world shall never be the same again :)

But seriously, video will remain for a while *the* content. Normally people read a page in 30 seconds to 2 minutes, pages with a video get 10 minutes per page, so for exposure/advertising these pages are perfect.

Veniunt, video, vici.
(they come, i have a video, i win)



I found a wagner drill :)

I worked at a steel structure firm a few years ago. One day the drill operator went on vacation and his backup decided the last day he was also going on vacation, so there was no one to operate the drill.

These things are triple axis 12 by 15 ft machines, up to 1.5 inch diameter steel drills, 5 drills per axis, either manual or network fed nc. It handled up to 60 ft beams, but most were about 12 foot, for malls and plants.

wagner drill

Not having a working drill meant 30 people without work and three weeks delay in delivery, that’s a 100K++ loss. Sysop was part of my job, and the drill is mainly a computer so i said ‘If you don’t mind, I’ll take the drill’.

I got an hour instruction on what all the little buttons do and how the transports worked and spent two or three weeks drilling holes.

wagner control panel

That was actually fun, working in the factory for a change.