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Ah yes, painting. Nice basic work, very relaxing. I once discovered the Zen of painting. Cleaning, sanding, cleaning, painting, and repeat…


Me and a colleague once painted the inside of a ship, varnishing, et cetera. And one day we had ‘open ship’, and we got a compliment from a professional ships painter, he said we had an eye for detail and finishing. We were very proud of that :)

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Painting Services

I still sometimes do some painting jobs.

It is a Zen thing…

Painting requires patience and concentration. I suffered a burn-out when I was 28, and I didn’t work for a while. In time, I started working as a painter. It took a while, but over time, I regained my ability to focus on my work. Sometimes, when painting objects as big as ships, you work for hours on end. “Wax on, wax off, Daniel San”. I discovered the Zen of painting.

  • Preparation is 90% of the work.

  • Wear a proper mask.

  • When painting outside, do check the weather forecast.

  • Never drop your glasses in a bucket of paint :)

  • Schedule your work, don’t be distracted.


Painting 90%
Materials 80%
Varnishing 100%


Week Days 8:00 – 18:00