monkey business

monkey business

I cached my monkeys, so it don’t take so long to retrieve pictures every time, and added a size switch. where can you retrieve the width of the sidebar the widget instance is in ?

Anyways, when I figured the cache thing out, i reckoned hey, lets cache the serp, so then I cached the serp, now it keeps a ‘current’ file and an archive. works half.

at least my pages don’t take an aeon to load anymore.

tomorrow : more monkey business.

ape beasty …that is a cute ape

tag links

SeoQuake indicates my second blog has 52 inside links and 14 outbound, 66 links, but my blog is not ranking.

I ran a spider on the site that counts all the anchors (also double links), that reports 120 anchors.

Google possibly exclude anything with 100+ anchors.

I just counted the links manually and found about 50 links, so i wondered ‘where are the other 70?’. So i counted the tag-cloud and realized ‘damn.. the tags…’. What causes it are the tags per post (the main cause) and the number of posts listed on the frontpage. If i use 10 posts per page I easily have (10*4) 40 tag-links, and if google counts ’em all for onr link and ditches my page I loose the page linking the two blogs. The whole second blog becomes a closed ring with no way out so the entire blog is excluded from page ranking.

I turned the posts per page down to max 3 posts (settings, reading), and removed the ‘recent posts’ widget from the sidebar. Now its down to about 80 links.

If that is all true then tomorrow or by sunday both blogs should start ranking again.

A quick spidering shows the main blog is on 2.20, pages on 1.80, posts on 0.60, and the second blog on 0.60, only the rss feed still has the feed url on ‘follow’ but that’s a minor detail.

That should score quite nicely.