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It started around 1985. A teacher at our school brought a little robot, that you could program and it would drive around the school. I was fascinated by it, I absolutely loved it. My parents bought us a ZX Spectrum, and I programmed my first games on it. Later on, I learned to program in dBase III+ and Clipper. After that, we got Windows and I learned to program MsAccess and VBA. MsAccess is very useful for quick RAD blueprinting and analysis. I also learned some Visual Basic programming in Visual Studio. But then I burned out on Office jobs, and discovered the web. The idea of millions of computers in a global network, communicating, was fascinating. I fell madly in love with PHP and MySql, picked up SEO, and so on. I stopped programming on the web to go sailing, did a few years of accounting, but currently I am picking up on programming again. I guess I am just a nerd like that.

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I once turned my hobby into my office job, but I frankly cannot stand offices. I decided to just keep it a hobby.

Reality check

That is part of the kick of programming. You take a look at a situation, analyse it, make a blue print and code a solution. And then you get to see if it sticks in reality… we learned to analyse processes in school, and later I did work with ISO9000-series quality management and learned new tricks to analyse a process. Same as with painting, preparation is 90% of the work, if you have developed analytic skills, you can code better solutions.

  • the computer forces you to think logically, and it is a good teacher.

  • programmers make mistakes, computers don’t.

  • never code anything that yields less than 50.000 in cost-savings.

  • make the interface as easy and clear as possible, the user is not a nerd.

  • don’t work for paranoid bosses.


MsAccess 80%
PHP scripting 70%
Analysis and Blueprinting 90%


Week Days 10:00 – 16:00
Saturday 10:00 – 16:00
Sunday 10:00 – 16:00