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Down down deeper and down

I was talking on the phone with a friend two days ago and I was pushing the idea of selling the crypto's. The coins market is always volatile, 10% up for the day, and then 10% down the next day, but recently it had been 'down, down, deeper and down'

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A blood red day on the exchanges

I told a friend yesterday I expected a 20% dump on the exchanges. Today it seems to have happened. It is a massacre on the exchanges. All trading pairs versus USDT are 30% down. Bitcoin is also 30% down since last week. This happens regularly in the Coiniverse, after a

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Is Bittrex a Unicorn ?

Has Bittrex been named as a Unicorn yet ? In the past, Bittrex had maybe 800 BTC trade per day, with Bitcoin at 600 dollars, half a million trade per day. They take 0.25% commission on all trades, maybe 1200 dollars in commissions per day, half a million in commissions

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