1. Hello,
    I did exactly how you did and it worked for 30 websites.
    but once i wanted to add my 2102 websites i got one error messages :Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /www/hosts/googlewebmaster/html/library/Zend/Uri/Http.php on line 64
    Did you get the same error? if yes do you know where i can change the timestamp?

  2. A standard php install has a time limit in php.ini of 30 seconds (to prevent a function from running on endless on the server, usually when it gets stuck on http-connections not returning data). You can call set_time_limit(); inside the loop to reset the 30 second count, providing your host doesn’t use safe mode. Some scripts use set_time_limit(0); at the beginning of a script which sets the limit off, but that can backfire. It indicates a problem with the http-connection, do you login for every site you add, or login and use one client to add the whole site list, in a loop ?

  3. Urgh, the Markup is really messed up here. Please spend a minute on that! There are not so many resources on acessing GWT via PHP as it’s the case for other languages like Python & co. I.e. if we want to learn how it works, then your website is one of the few opportunities we have. Don’t disappoint us.

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