1. wow … thnaks for the great article, I really really loved it. Bookmarked your blog, keep up the articles coming because I honestly find them very interesting.

    P.S: I also subscribed.

  2. Thanks for the article, really need it.

    I know it’s quite old but I got a problem with website verification. After I put my meta in the website and changed your script from html verification to meta with

    I got a Expected response code 200, got 400 Invalid request

    I tried a lot of solutions, including curl direct PUT request but I always got a 400 error. Any Idea?

    Thanks again

  3. Hi thanks for this code. Do you have sample implementation of Zend Framework on getting the ‘top seach queries’ and the ‘Links in my site’ data inside google webmaster?

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  5. I also use Zend to add site or verify site in Google webmaster tools. Add site is no problem for me. But I always get 404 error when I use your posted function
    function verify_site($domain, $client).
    Same issue like Andrea posted.
    You mentioned striping out crlf as the solution , but I don’t quite understand it.
    Can you tell me how I can change that verify_site function and get it work?

    Thank you so much

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