xml rpc – remote posting with incutio wordpress ixr class

In order to build a successful blog network I need xml-rpc. I read up on xml-rpc, incutio ixr and tried some basic flat file xml rpc. It’s either that or a custom php url to post data to and then use the wordpress functions to process it.

Xml-rpc is a lot easier especially with the WordPress Incutio-IXR class:


//just give us your endpoint and we'll take it from there Sparky...
$client = new IXR_Client('http://tryout.blacknorati.com/xmlrpc.php');

// xml rpc post function form : 
// metaWeblog.newPost( blog_id, username, password, struct, publish )

//struct = structure for post data
	$post['title'] = 'test titel';
	$post['description'] = 'test';
	$post['categories'] = array("frontpage");

//use 'query' to interact with the server, set publish to 0 (draft) for now
	if (!$client->query('metaWeblog.newPost', 6, 'user', 'password', $post, 0)) {
	die('Something went wrong - '.$client->getErrorCode().' : '.$client->getErrorMessage());
        echo $client->getResponse();

Normally getResponse will return a PostID for this function.

Is it really that simple ? Yes. I skipped to the IXR_Client because my host does not have xmlrpc running and the IXR_class doesn’t use it, and solutions with email don’t easily allow access to tags and categories.

$post['categories'] = array("frontpage");
$post['mt_keywords']='key1, key2';
$post["mt_allow_comments"] ='closed';
//$post['mt_tb_ping_urls'] ='url url url';
//$post['enclosure']=array('url', 'length', 'type')';

mt_keywords holds my tags, that’s a bit more flexible than categories. For my blogs the comments are closed (mt_allow_comments), mt_allow_pings is open, and the real tasty bit is the trackbacks (mt_tb_ping_urls : simply urls separated with a blank space, just like in the wordpress form). I played with the Arrousi trackback class, that one has an autodiscover routine, so I can try and fetch a trackback url from the content page I am ‘using’.

I don’t work with enclosures, but to be complete I added it here.

That covers most data I want to send around a blog network. Very nice class, Incutio IXR.

Next week : more nonsense.

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