quick note : serp plugin beta

I am developing a new google serp plugin for wordpress. I developed it over the weeknd on wp2.8, it should run on anything with a ‘shutdown’ hook and jquery. I will be adding some other stuff to it over the next few weeks, but I thought I’d put a beta on the blog. If you try it, I hope it runs, send some feedback.

If you have some ideas about cool features drop me a note, I might put it in there. I was pondering on a rest service to pool sem-data and develop some competitor analysis functionality, but that is just a vague idea.

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    • Thanks for the feedback, Keith. Did you install v.103 ? It fixes a number of bugs concerning storing searches and result.

      If that doesn’t fix it : do you run the plugin on the /blog subdirectory on austintreeexperts.com, if so, I’ll test the code on a similar install and see if running it from a subdirectory causes problems. In that case I’ll fix it in v.104.

      • It was installed in a subdirectory; I deleted the plugin after failing to get it to work. I make a practice of keeping my blog clean. Can’t recall the version number I installed. Let me know when the new version is out and I’ll try it.

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