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A forum out of nowhere, I noticed that no one posts on an empty forum. So I made a new plugin that gets Yahoo Answers and stuffs them in Simplepress. I grabbed a php yahoo answers class from HungryCoder’s blog and hacked a backend together, mapping yahoo categories with a keyword to a forum, retrieving topics and either use cron or direct publishing. It takes 2 minutes to have a forum full of free content. I am going to debug it. Maybe in spring I’ll put it on wordpress.org.

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  1. Make sure to have it add in additional content or change up the way the questions & answers are displayed/read….google + bing have been bitch-slapping all the instances where i’ve re-purposed yahoo answers content as filler for various sites (including one old forum)… just changing it ever so slightly or even just adding some content to each question tends to get it back in google’s good graces.

    Another thing u can do is is have the script search other forums + simply rip out the posts that it finds… checkout boardtracker.com(which has an rss feed for searches) and my favorite: Omgili.com (it’s got rss feeds for searches but better yet a free API)….google loves that content

    • Yeah, I think I will add an option to add answers in random order and omit questions with only one answer.

      The simplepress forum itself allows you to order the questions chronological up or down. Yahoo put the ‘ best answer’ on top under the question.

      Random order with the best answer on the bottom guarantees it doesn’t match the Yahoo page.

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