the best of 2008

No best-of-this-blog post.

Last week I worked with a ‘deep’-linking backlink program where you make different anchors for specific pages. I checked what posts I have on this site, but I couldn’t find one I would actually make an anchor for, so for now I’ll just go write an xml-p2p script and forget about a ‘best of this years blog’ post.

On the upside: today I noticed Google updated pageranks, every site that I worked on gained one or two pagerank points. No linkbuilding, no cost, just optimising the link structure, adding sitemaps and some small work on the content titles and tags. Generally just getting the best out of people’s spent efforts, and seldom more than half a days work. Very satisfying to see it paid off for them.

My own site also went up, to PR3, but I still have no ideas for an anchor.

This quarter I am going to focus on developing the trismegistos domain, deploying a ring of a dozen (sub)domains and test an xml-rpc peer to peer network. After that it is spring, time to go painting on the wharf, 20 degrees with nothing but seagulls, skippers, smelly paint buckets and the sun :)

while(have_time()) { do_live(the_life()); }

Happy new year.

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