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Yesterday I put one link through twitter on and four links on to the php Link Directory.

Today I googled ‘trismegistos links’ to see what the effect (if any) would be and the link I put on twemes actually shows up first in google (and top-10 frontpage, spot 6 of 40.000 results).

I also issued a 700 URL sitemap to google webmaster first, and only added the bookmarks after the sitemap was downloaded.

I was just curious which method would yield the best result, and twitter/twemes is the winner.

why bother ?

Because a test I did shows most directory sites subcategory pages (where most links are) have no assigned pagerank and if i want to run an effective directory I have to get a fix on that problem and get a fix to fix it up.

I did two tests on directory sites, where I downloaded Yahoo SiteExplorer indexed urls’ and retrieved the pagerank per url.

sites pages/site total ranked percentage
16 1000 16.000 120 0.7%
150 50 7500 200 2.5%

Roughly interpreted, per site most pages are indexed, but only about 2 per 100 pages have a pagerank value assigned.

The others have no value assigned and don’t pass any value on links on it. In all cases (except dmoz, which is ranking on most branches) it was the index page and main category pages that were ranked and the pages with links were all N/A not-available.

So testing the effect of social bookmarking on pages that would hold links is interesting.

A submission now costs 3 to 15 cts, which shows the value of links in a directory is low, and only featured links (which usually appear on the index and main category pages which do rank) are sold for $3,-/year to $40,-/permanent.

An estimate for a link on a PR3 page for a year in a directory page is $13,-/year.

If i can get 700 pages to rank PR1 and sell links for $3,-/year, 700 pages with 20 links times 3 makes $60.000,-++ a year. Compare that to $10/year for 20 links on a PR3 category page, 10 pages is $2.000/year.

And if 700 social bookmarks can make sure after a year my whole directory is ranked, indexed, brings in $60..000,- and delivers the goods (a ranking link for entrants at $3,-/year) then a month linkspamming is well worth the trouble.

Another option is reciprocals on the category page itself (from an indexed page, some link-pages are conveniently not indexed ;)

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