wordpress serp widget serpent

the permutation serp creates too much of a load and the results are 90% general so not very usefull per page.

  • replaced it with a straight top-50 serp on the msn, yahoo, google engines
  • using post_tags
  • added a link to the search engine result pages themselves
  • added a cache and a timer on 6000seconds, it requeries every 1.5 hours when a page is opened and in the meantime dishes out cached results, to minimize queries and page load times
  • added before_widget and after_widget

it needs

  • specific options per engine (language etc.)
  • a dig option up to 1000 result
  • css hooks
  • max three keywords constraint
  • page keywords list (currently only posts’ tags are used)
  • a mysql backend (I don’t want the nonsense in the wordpress db)
  • a counter for used queries (otherwise you get ‘no result’)
  • an archive report to see how the serp results develop

but it’s a start

the results are accurate but i need a once a day routine to grab the keyword of the index page and other pages (the ‘keywords’ section is often dynamic and changes every day, most sites use plugins to either grab all tags of listed posts and put them in the meta-section as page-keywords, or use headspace to override it with a fixed set.)

querying the wordpress database and for all non-post page use get_meta_tags, put url and tags in a cached list and serp the lot once a day would solve that.

something like that.

once I got that fixed i’ll ask some people to test it.

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