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I was putting together a serp tool with a database and an emailer on a cronjob, mainly because I am lazy, I always get cranky when I have to type in these keywords again, I ain’t a teletubby.

I wanted an automated one with a history that sends me an email every day, so I started putting on together but I got distracted because the gethost server was shut down and my moms Mary Chapel event blog was on it. My old site was also on it, with my crappy blog, but losing that ain’t half as bad as losing yer moms Mary Chapel blog, that is bad karma.

So I got her a domain and put it on one of my accounts, installed a new blog and made sure it ranks number one in google again. Apart from that I was putting together a scraper and still needed some cron jobs for the scraper scripts.

I found a nice free cron job site, standard 5 jobs a day. It’s free and it works flawless, no hassles. Very nice.

Once I had that I remembered I still had to finish that serp thing as well, so I finished the basic routines today. Still needs some testing, and it could use the yahoo and msn serps. I’ll grab them from a wordpress widget and add some language options, after that it should be a fine tool.

I’ll put the scripts up for download in two or three weeks or something.

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  1. Hi there

    Good site. Hey, I’d love to download and play with something like your search engine results tool. If you could email it to me or let me know when you post it for download that’d be really great thanks.
    Regards.. James.

  2. Great tool and great site, is the source code available for general public to download ?

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