Selamat Jarin : Jesus Sananda Greets You

Mantra Song

I recall reading some of these ‘channeled’ messages on the web back around 2001. “Messages of Love and Light from the Ascended Master Beings of the Galactic Federation of Planets of the Light of the Father and his Good Son Lord Jesus Sananda the Resurrected Christ” (with Great Autority).

All these messages from these aliens started with their alien greeting : ‘Selamat Jarin’. According to them that was Syrian for ‘be in love, be one’.

That is interesting. The Syrian aliens seem to use Indonesian words : Selamat. I recalled back then having seen that word ‘Selamat’ on the menu card of the local Indonesian restaurant. I looked it up : ‘Selamat Makan’, that means ‘happy meal’ in Indonesian. We used to have a lot of Indonesians restaurant in the Netherlands.

If you translate ‘Selamat Jarin’ from Indonesian it means something like ‘happy network’. That is an amazing coincidence : the Syrian alien language term ‘Selamat Jarin’ corresponds ‘exact match’ with the earthly language Indonesian. In that language it means ‘Happy Network’. The same general sphere as ‘be in love, be one’ : a happy community, a happy network. Amazing, isn’t it ? The same words, even the same general sphere.

You read it first on Juust dot org : the alien Syrian language of Jesus Sananda (who is listed in Wikipedia as Master Jesus) corresponds to the Indonesian language !

Do you think the Indonesian language is an alien origin language ?

One of my mates told me an autistic young dude around town wanted to build satellite receiver dishes all across the Atlantic shore in Europe. To catch the transmissions of the Galactic Federation of Jesus Sananda. Master Jesus. I think he should learn Indonesian. Maybe then he can communicate with the Syrian aliens and Master Jesus, in their own alien language.

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