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I was curious how popular WordPress was, my impression was it’s the strongest (‘not’) cms on the net, maybe not in terms of handling large amounts of content but for single user websites it works brilliant.

I retrieved some data off the net : 30 main keyword lists from 7Search, extracting the top 70 phrases with traffic => 1900 phrases, 100 results per phrase from Google, 190.000 urls from 77.000 domains.

12.700 of them use a generator tag which makes it easy to see which cms, web authoring or blogging tool the sites use :

wordpress 3373
microsoft 2820
joomla! 677
blogger 585
mshtml 530
vbulletin 397
adobe 359 279
movable 160 145 126
yahoo! 123
netobjects 113
plone 109
typo3 103
homestead 74
html 72
php 72
starfield 61
bbedit 60
shopping 57
dotnetnuke 57
mambo 43

It’s just raw data, but I reckon the figures show WordPress kicks ass.

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