1. Good job pal i had try it and nothing found problem because this script very easy to install in web host for newbie like me :)

    I have some question again about this script.

    I tried to replace you script with this parameters for showing related article result :

    $graphurl = 'http://google.com/trends/hottrends?q=';
    $graphurl .= urlencode($mytitle);
    $graphurl .= '&date=';
    $graphurl .= '&sa=X';
    echo $graphurl;

    but it does not happen any changes can you tell me whats wrong?

    Last ask is how to automaticly change the title in browser (not only showing Untitled title)

    Thanks again for your works to answered my question

  2. Herman,
    using < ? echo $_REQUEST['title']; ?> in the meta tags section of the page puts the page title on the title, the content of the entries I tried to answer in ‘google trends III’

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