One talk I remember of last year was a man who had just graduated, crop engineering I think. There are three companies around in the netherlands where he could do that kind of work but these work on state subsidized projects and the government cut funding so all projects were on hold.

If he is unemployed he costs 20.000yr, state funds, why not give him a temp job at one of these companies, and give him the 20..000 through a dummy project.

It takes years for him to get a degree, say 4 to 6 years. The studies itself costs roughly 50.000 (10.000 by him, 40.000 state), he could have gotten a job (4×20 = 80.000) but he studies, so his offer is 90.000, and he doesnt contribute to production (~100/200K)

Once he has his degree it takes at least 2 years to become functionally mature. Sitting at home that is not going to happen, and he still is not producing.

Why do we pay unemployment benefits, why not give him a temp job, so he can get experience, build a resume, build a network, and start producing ? 20.000 project subsidies or 20.000 unemployment. Both is state funds.

We are wasting his and our investment in top notch engineering.

Sometimes the solution seems so obvious.



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