There was an article in the news that kids in school are using ChatGPT to get an A on their work. That is a very stupid idea.

Some programmers were also elated “I can have ChatGPT write my code”. Yes dear, and we controllers are very much interested in that. We can also have ChatGPT write code, and write exactly what we want.

In business, dear, it is all about ‘compliance’, and IT usually resorts under Control. I am one of these men that govern the datawarehouse, and make sure it is compliant and complies to all legal standards, accounting standards, ISO quality standards and company standards. That is our job. That requires a studies business economy or accountancy and a specialization in process management and quality management, four years of studies and then some more extra years of studies and hands on practice and experience.

I was one of the first batch of controllers from the early 90′ that also learned programming. In business a lot of time is wasted because controllers cannot program and programmers don’t comprehend compliance. So people like me, that can do both, take a problem in the datawarehouse, develop a quick blueprint solution, present it to our colleague controllers and if they judge it as ‘compliant’, I take it to IT and explain to them : this is the problem, this is the solution, program this, and implement it, please.

Do you comprehend where this is going ?

If ChatGPT develops on and we as controllers can tell it ‘this is what we want’, and it can write the code for us, why would we need programmers ?

The kids in school are stupid. That happens a lot, that is why they are in school. Because they are stupid and need to learn a lot of things. In puberty they are rather lazy than tired, in general. They use ChatGPT to do their work. If ChatGPT can do your work, why would any company hire you ? What is your ‘added value’ ? You don’t have any writing skills and don’t develop them if you keep using ChatGPT because you are a lazy bitch that doesn’t comprehend why you are in school.

in games you play against an AI and have to be better than the AI to win the game, you have to outdo and beat the AI. Do the same in school if you want to become a winner in real life, otherwise you end up a loser.

In 1998 I already programmed basic AI into accounting software, so I know the basics of AI, and I tested ChatGPT : three simple questions and it went berserk. I am better than ChatGPT.

That is why companies will hire me in the future, because I am better than the AI, and they won’t hire you bcause ChatGPT beats the crap out of you. “oh wow, a machine can do my work, I will use it !”. If a machine can do you work, faster and cheaper, guess what, you are out of a job soon. No company needs you anymore.

Anyone can learn coding, but compliance is a whole different matter. We controllers and acountants and laywers (and doctors) cannot be replaced by a machine (not yet and not in the next 30 years). We are educated experienced specalists.

I would advise you to consider starting a serious studies, other than coding. Study marketing for instance, ChatGPT is brilliant for marketing material. Or study to become a systems architect, or a controller. You know coding, so grow and develop yourself, sooner than developing javascript-codebases because soon we ChatGPT for that

Chances are a company like SAP or Google or even Tesla will soon develop an AI specialized in coding, and then anyone that can *only* code is out on the streets.

Begging for food, ‘will wrestle for money’.

ChatGPT is your doom, Neo. You need to do some soul searching, and become ‘the One’, with shitloads of skills, crane kicks and shit, a machine has no soul, that is how you beat the machine. Discover yourself and your own true potential, develop skils, dog. A human is potentially vastly more intelligent than a machine. The best custom AI can hardly win a game of Stratego. Don’t let it beat you in the game of life.

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