Go away Vitaly

“what do you want to do when you grow up, little Vitaly”

“I want to spam Google Analytics accounts, mommy !”

The Popov family. Russia’s finest. I just spent half an hour cleaning up an Analytics account. Mainly ‘messages of love and light’ by a certain Vitaly Popov. His mother must be so proud of him.



There is a new cryptocurrency on the market, the long awaited ZCash.

You could buy some hashing capacity over at Genesis Mining before the launch, so I bought into it. Futures on Bitmex per end december were on 1.5 BTC /Zec, roughly 1000 dollars per coin. Looking good. The first day on the exchanges was brilliant, Zec was at 3000 BTC/coin at some point, 2 million dollars per coin. But the first mining proceeds were just a fraction of a 1/1000th of a coin, so that price was just someone playing a prank. It steadily dropped back to 0.7 BTC yesterday, which was underpriced if you take the Bitmex futures serious, and now it is back up to 2 BTC per Zec.

There was a sizeable interest from investors in the coin. It is basically a Bitcoin clone with the ability for truly anonymous transactions and a short block time, faster transaction speeds. But the main difference with Bitcoin, ZCash is developed by a commercial company. These have a (rather large) stake in the succes of the coin.

There is no telling where it is going to go. As long as the market has not adopted the coin, there is no real demand or use case for it, so it remains a coin for speculators, and with mining proceeds steadily increasing the first month to 7200 coins a day, the price will probably drop steadily. I still have no idea what the production price of 1 ZEC is going to be, but let’s hope it stays around 2 BTC per Zec, then it pays for my vacation next year.

Should I add a disclaimer ? Never invest money you cannot afford to loose, it is all risky and I have a small stake in ZCash so my opinion is biased.


crashing clippers

Hi, quick post. I haven’t responded to some questions yet, sorry, and to be frank I doubt I’ll be having much time to dig into scripting the coming months, we’ll be sailing full-time till september. Sailing season started at the end of march and we’ve been cruising around the lakes and islands with groups of guests.

Yes, that is far better than working in finance or IT :)

Yesterday we set new records with an 8bft wind in our back sailing to the islands, but for today we decided to give it a rest after two clippers collided in the harbor. Quite spectacular, the sound of 3 inch cables snapping and beams breaking. Clippers are roughly twice the size of a barge, weighing in at 150 tons and measuring 120ft. As today there is apparently a bit too much wind today even for the bigger ships to handle, we had a word with our guests and decided to stay docked for today. Sometimes a 60ft barge is really very small :)

So we just hang around on one of the islands (23c sunny warm weather, wish you were here).