Year: 2009


I found a wagner drill :) I worked at a steel structure firm a few years ago. One day the drill operator went on vacation and his backup decided the last day he was also going on vacation, so there was no one to operate the drill. These things are triple axis 12 by 15 […]

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curl trackbacks

I figure i’d blog a post on trackback linkbuilding. A trackback is … (post a few and you’ll get it). The trackback protocol isn’t that interesting, but the implementation of it by blog-platforms and cms’es makes it an excellent means for network development, because it uses a simple http-post. cUrl makes that easy). To post

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Trackbacks are brilliant stuff. I programmed a trackback module into the trends script yesterday just to see what it yields. As long as you don’t use it to spam and stick to common standards, it’s the fastest deep link building method available. I noticed another trends script is also using trackbacks. GTrends lists an average

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