7.2.2 Review of requirements related to the product

The organization shall review the requirements related to the product. This review shall be conducted prior to the organization’s commitment to supply a prouct to the customer (e.g. submission of tenders, acceptance of contracts or orders, acceptance of changes to contracts or orders) and shall ensure that

  • product requirements are defined
  • contractor order requirements differing from those previously expressed are resolved
  • the organization has the ability to meet the defined requirements

Records of the results of the review and actions arising from the review shall be maintained (see 4.2.4).

Where the customer provides no documented statement of requirement, the customer requirements shall be confirmed by the organization before acceptance.

Where product requirements are changed, the organization shall ensure that relevant documents are amended and that relevant personnel are made aware of the changed requirements.

NOTE In some situations, such as internet sales, a formal review is impractical for each order. Instead the review can cover relevant product information such as catalogues or advertising material.

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